Support ECD Centers with Child- Friendly chairs.

The program support ECD Centres with child friendly chairs to enable the children have comfort while learning in schools. This intervention aims at having a friendly learning environment and equity for the children during class hour. In turn, the schools provide tables as a community contribution.

Latrine Constructed at ECDE Centers.

In partnership with the community, Ministry of education, Childfund and the public works, the program constructs child- friendly pit latrines. The aim is to improve sanitation standards in the ECD schools thus reducing chances of the children contracting diarrheal diseases resulting from poor sanitation.

ECD Caregivers trained on psychosocial support

Early Childhood Development (ECD) Caregivers are targeted by training on psychosocial support. This is meant to equip them with necessary skills and knowledge in handling children during their daily activities. Psychosocial Support is defined as the effort to meet the ongoing emotional, social and spiritual needs of children as they face life challenges.

School uniforms provision.

Lake Region Development Program, supports school going children with uniform.The support helps enhance each of the children self-esteem besides improved retention of the children in primary school as well as reduced incidences of absenteeism thus enhancing the children performance. Annually, about 500 children learning in different primary schools are given school uniforms under the program. The children targeted with this initiative are vulnerable children coming from very vulnerable households.

Children supported with solar lantern.

Lake Region Development Program supports enrolled children with solar lanterns to help them revise while at home. This aims at improving their academic performance as they will be able to do school assignment and also do private studies. This helps eliminate challenges encountered while using paraffin lamps such as the soot that affects the respiratory system.

Bicycles initiative.

This is an initiative meant to empower the youths (Boys and Girls) with bicycles to help them while going to school especially in the morning. Students, more so the girls walk long distances to reach their schools hence exposing themselves to various risks while on the road.