our Target is to have educated and confident Children in a safe learning Environment through construction of pit latrine, Support Ecd centres with furnitures, Training of ECD caregivers on psycho social support, provision of school uniforms and solar lanterns

Livelihood Capital

"Enrolled Child supported with livelihood capital (goat)."


"Youths being trained best practice through aflateen project. They are taught VSL practices and kitchen gardening"

House of Nanny Economic Empowerment

"Lake Region Development Program’s Nannys Economic Empowerment program provides opportunities for positive change by providing a pathway for women to access and take control of productive assets. It does this by providing a channel for women to become financially included, build assets that enables them build a sustainable livelihood.."

Emmergency Support

Lake Region Development Program Supported Communities in Kuria West With Masks and Soap during the COVID 19 Campaign Supported by Engineers Without borders."

About Lake Region Development Program

About Lake Region Development Program

Lake Region Development Programme is a national charitable organisation registered in 2010 as an independent local NGO with its head office in Rongo - Migori County. The organisation in collaboration with government line Ministries and other like-minded partners empowers children, families and communities to use available resources and opportunities for sustainable development. The Organization envisions the societies that nurtures and develops all children and youths to realize their maximum potential through implementation of programs in health, Education, Economic empowerment and Livelihood.

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Core issues

Poverty Causes Many Issues Facing Children Worldwide Today In Developing Countries. However, Many Of These Problems Can Be Alleviated Or Even Resolved With Concentrated, Collaborative Efforts By Community. Lake Region Development Program Focuses On These Six Core Issues That Affect Children Who Live In Poverty.
Child Protection

Children of all ages, nationalities, religions and cultures suffer from violence, exploitation and abuse. Those in the world’s poorest communities are especially vulnerable because they’re less likely to receive crucial support from adults. Children facing these issues are unable to exercise their other important rights — to food, shelter, adequate health services, education — which further impairs their development and perpetuates the cycle of poverty. With our local partners, Lake Region Development Program creates safe spaces where children feel nurtured and protected..


Children become more vulnerable during emergencies. Whenever disaster strikes — whether it’s an earthquake, drought, typhoon or other crisis — Lake Region Development Program’s emergency response and rehabilitation efforts focus on child protection and emotional support, in addition to traditional relief and aid. Lake Region Development Program’s signature Child-Centered Spaces are safe places for children to play, read and talk to trained adults about their losses. With psychosocial support, children can recover from trauma and just be children again.


Poor access to healthcare and low standards of health are dangerous issues facing children worldwide because they are particularly vulnerable to the effects of poor health, whether they stem from malnutrition, communicable diseases or birth defects. Investing in better healthcare in developing countries is vital to helping families break the cycle of poverty. ..


Poor access to education is one of the greatest issues facing children in poverty because a full education is a vital component to achieving potential. Education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty because of the uplifting effect it has on other aspects of society. Education stimulates economic growth, improves health, raises crop yields, reduces child marriage, lowers maternal and child deaths, and fights the spread of disease...

Early Childhood

Children’s futures depend on their early years. They need loving caregivers and safe homes, intellectual stimulation, social and educational opportunities, good nutrition and health care. Without a stable, caring and supportive environment to grow up in, a child will not grow and develop properly. .

Economic Strengthening

By emphasizing sustainable livelihoods, Lake Region Development Program and our partners strengthen families’ economic security and self-sufficiency. We help them start their own businesses or train for marketable careers with scholarships, startup funding, tools and education, which can lead to community-wide changes and opportunities. .

  • Child Protection
  • Emergencies
  • Health
  • Education
  • Early Childhood
  • Economic Strengthening

What we do

Lake Region Development Program has various programs which include: Health, Education, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Food and Nutrition Security, Livelihood and Economic Empowerment and Emergency and Humanitarian assistance.

Growth Monitoring
Bursary to School Going Children
Brick Making
Dairy Heifers
Health Outreach
Commemorating Day of the African Child
Enviroment Conservation
Tissue Culture Bananas
Global Handwashig Day
Sanitary towels
Solar Lanterns

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